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Selected Parts Of Kutadgu Bilig


Atrocity is a burning fire, it burns whoever approaches to it.

Law is water, if it flows it raises blessings.

Do not take others' possessions and do not shed blood; a

person moans due to these two sins in deathbed.


Selected Parts Of Speech (Nutuk)


I arrived in Samsun on 19th of May in 1919. 

A broad outlook on the circumstances is like this:

In World War I, the party, in which Ottoman Empire also took part, were 

defeated, The army of the Ottomans was greatly weakened and a severe 

"Armistice" was made.


Selected Stories Of Safahat


Shot down, on their spotlessly clean foreheads they lie,

For the sake of Crescent what suns are setting, O God!

Hey Soldier! Who has fallen on the ground for this land!

It would be worth their while

For our ancestors to descend from heaven.


Selected Poems of The Divan of Yunus Emre

Listen to me hey my fellows,A precious thing is loveFeeling it is invaluableA respectful thing is love It gives both pleasure and griefIt threw away Hamza to the KafMustafa is full with loveA great thing is love


Selected Stories of Dede Korkut

One day Khan who is the son of Kam Gan had the tabernacle set up on one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Once a year he invited the lords of the Oguz tribe to the feast. That year he invited the Oguz lords to the feast again. He had horses, camels and sheep sacrificed. He had three different tents set up. One was black, one was white and one was ginger.


Selected Stories of Hacivat and Karagöz

Then he spoke out to Karagoz. 

Hacivat: I wish I had a friend who could understand me and to whom I could tell my grief and to me he could tell his grief. 
(Karagoz stretches out his head from his window)

Karagöz: Be quite Hacivat! There is a child sleeping in the house. You will wake up him.

Hacivat: Hey an amusement for mee! Hey an amusement for mee!

Karagöz: (He jumps from the window and starts to beat Hacivat) Haven't I just told you that there is a child sleeping in the house!


Selected Stories Of Kelile And Dimme

Once upon a time there was an island surrounded by a forest in Basra. 
It looked like a paradise rather than an island. 

Green trees... Clear water... Various birds... Flowers... A 

variety of beautiful living creatures used to live in this forest.


Selected Stories of Masnavi

A man whose hair started to grey went to a good barber and said:-Young man, I got married to a young woman, can you please pick the grey hairs so that I can seem younger?Then the barber did a radical hair cut and put the hair he had cut in front of the man. He said:-My dear fellow, I have something else to do now, can you please set apart the grey ones?


Selected Stories of Nasraddin Hodja


One day Nasreddin Hodja lost his ring. He couldn't find no matter how much he looked for it. At last he went to his home and started to look around in the home. His wife asked in curiosity:-What are you looking for Hodja?-I lost my ring, and I am looking for it.-Where did you lose your ring?-In the barn.-So why are you looking for it inside the home?-Well, it is because the barn is dark.


Selected Stories of Ömer Seyfettin

Sermet bey turned to the watchman behind him and said:- Look! Here is another empty mansion.A smart white building was shining in front of the pine grove, as if it was made of marble. "Its borders were wrapped in weeds. There was a sign board that said "For Rent" hanging on the iron gate in the garden."


Selected Stories of Seyahatname


Once upon a time the king of İstanbul, Constantine used to worship fire. Greek historians explain his conversion to Christianity in that way:One day Constantine caught leprosy. The skin and the hair of the poor man fell out and every part of his body had in bruises. He sent messengers to all of the skillful doctors in his country in order to find a cure to his disease. Many eminent doctors came to his palace and examined the king. No matter how hard they tried they couldn't find a cure for his disease.


Selected Stories of The Arabian Nights

After Sehrazat finished these stories, she turned to Sehriyar and said:"However, dear Padishah, these stories I've told are nothing when compared to the story of the fisherman."When Sehriyar asked:"What kind of a story is it?Sehrazat started to tell the story.


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